About Desert Lake Technologies®

Advancing blue-green algae extracts

Desert Lake Technologies' efficacious extracts are potent, scientifically researched extracts from AFA and Spirulina for use in nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications that apply the bioactive properties of cyanobacteria to promote and restore human health.

Integrity in all we do

Desert Lake Technologies is proud to prioritize integrity in everything we do. As a family-owned business, we believe in the integrity of relationships, so we will always put you, our customer, first. As a company committed to research and technology, we value the integrity of products, so we create powders and extracts that deliver proven results. And as a manufacturer, we embrace integrity of operations, so we control the manufacturing process from start to finish, ensuring the highest quality possible.

Committed to natural and organic

Nature is our inspiration and our North Star. That is why all of Desert Lake Technologies' products come from natural origins. Our organic products are farmed and harvested to meet USDA National Organic Program standards. We say no to industrial chemicals and irradiation and instead use innovative methods to control bacteria that don’t jeopardize our organic status.

Derived from nature, perfected through technology

Nature provides the perfect starting materials. How we choose to process those materials can make or break their nutritional and therapeutic value. That is why Desert Lake Technologies is dedicated to developing innovative harvesting, extracting, filtering, and drying technologies that improve the effectiveness of our products and the sustainable nature of our raw materials.

Proven results through clinical research

At Desert Lake Technologies, we invest heavily in human clinical research to prove that our products work, as well as in vitro studies to provide evidence of how they work.

7 pillars of quality

“Quality” is one of the most frequently used words in the health and wellness industry. Look around, and you’ll notice that everyone claims to produce products of high quality. Yet rarely do others define what that means. When Desert Lake Technologies talks about quality, we have very specific parameters in mind. Every one of our products meets 7 specific criteria.