We partner with formulators, healthcare
professionals and veterinary professionals.


If you're looking for clinically backed blue-green algae products to add to your formulations—particularly in areas affected by inflammation modulation, antioxidant protection and immune support—you've come to the right place.* Our extracts are the perfect addition to formulations that address:

  • Joint health, including joint and muscle comfort*
  • Healthy aging*
  • Cognitive health, including focus and concentration*
  • Eye health, including visual acuity*
  • Healthy immune function and modulation*

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Healthcare Professionals

Our blue-green algae extracts deliver the potent bioactive results healthcare practitioners seek for professional strength products. Desert Lake Technologies works with practitioners to formulate and manufacture high-quality supplements for use in addressing their patients' health concerns. And because the body's inflammatory response affects every aspect of a person's health, the ability of cyanobacteria to support a healthy inflammatory and immune response makes our extracts a welcome addition to countless formulations.*

Veterinary professionals

Pets can benefit from blue-green algae products too! Whether you are looking to provide a naturally concentrated source of nutrition, or want to address specific health concerns affecting animals, our ingredients can help.