Innovative harvesting, extracting,
drying and manufacturing technology.

Microalgae are some of the most nutrient-rich natural food sources on earth. However, as is the case with nutritious plant sources, blue-green algae contain volatile compounds that can easily be degraded if not handled properly. Accordingly, Desert Lake Technologies has invested considerable energy in developing innovative harvesting, extracting, filtering, and drying technologies that improve the safety and efficacy of our products and the sustainable nature of our raw materials.

Desert Lake Technologies is proud to be a fully vertically integrated organic processor of fresh-water Aphanizomenon flos-aquae ingredients and extracts. Because we control the process from start to finish, we offer our customers complete traceability and unparalleled quality.


Harvesting Method

Desert Lake Technologies harvests whole-cell wild Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) from the bountiful, high-desert Klamath Lake in Southern Oregon for use in our DLT division products, AFA and AFAninPlus.

Over the years, our team of engineers has perfected our exclusive and proprietary Selective Harvesting System to gently collect and preserve the delicate AFA without harming the lake's sensitive ecosystem. Our custom-manufactured harvesting vessels are specifically designed to collect AFA under a variety of lake conditions. Technological advances like these allow us to collect the largest biomass yield of the highest-quality AFA throughout the harvest season, from early summer to late fall.


Extraction Method

Whole-cell blue-green algae have health benefits in their own right. However, they can also be extracted to maximize levels of key bioactive compounds, thus magnifying specific effects. Desert Lake Technologies has developed proprietary physical separation techniques and specialized particle sizing technologies to create bioavailable, bioactive blue-green extracts.

However, we don't stop there. We also perform proof-of-concept bioassays to identify our extracts' unique mechanisms of action and contract human clinical studies to validate their safety and efficacy. As a result, our extracts have clinically demonstrated human health benefits and are verified-safe for consumption.

Filtering Method

Desert Lake Technologies's multi-phase filtering processes ensure the purest product. These processes differ for various product lines, but always include careful preservation of the natural bioactive benefits of our products.

Drying Method

In order to preserve the nutritional integrity of our microalgae and retain the highest level of bioactive compounds possible, Desert Lake Technologies utilizes our exclusive DLT Hydro•Dri® method, which uses heat transfer technology and the specific qualities of water to gently remove moisture from the wet material.