Desert Lake Technologies complies with all regulations governing the dietary supplement industry.

  1. GMPs: Desert Lake Technologies complies with FDA 21 CFR 111. Our shift supervisors and management and executive teams are trained each year by outside industry-leading GMP compliance experts.
  2. SOPs: All of our harvesting, processing, and manufacturing methods have Standard Operating Procedures that are clearly outlined and adhered to. These SOPs are documented and active in our ERP operating system and intranet and are available in hardcopy form.
  3. Document Control: Master documents are managed for accuracy and security. All master documents are stored in a secure environment, and working copies are verified and available on our ERP operating system and intranet.
  4. Change Control: Any and all changes in our manufacturing processes, equipment, or facilities are documented and submitted for approval to the Desert Lake Technologies executive team prior to implementation.
  5. Inventory Control: Desert Lake Technologies ERP operating system maintains a complete real-time inventory management system. This system gives us an accurate, real-time view of current inventory levels and needs with access controls in place to best serve our customer needs.
  6. Traceability: Through our vertical integration and current operating systems, we have developed a complete audit trail — from harvest and purchase, to processing and manufacturing, to shipping of the final ingredient — in order to ensure product quality and safety.